Crazy Bunny
The Birth of CRAZY BUNNY
Enable online gaming a way for everyone to make money
A recent ruling made by Supreme Court of the United States lifted a 1992 ban on legal sports gaming at the states. The legalization of sports gaming can be said an excellent business opportunity. Currently, Google has allowed countries including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Finland, Denmark, Colombia and Belgium to download online gaming apps directly from Google PLAY. Clearly, the $ 104 billion global business has a remarkable ability to make money. For gaming houses, even setting a profit rate of only 2 % for Baccarat would mean a $ 2.08 billion profit a year and the profits would be so high, but they wouldn't share with players even a penny!
Unsatisfied with being bullied by the gaming house, our volunteers were inspired to create a more equitable wealth environment in the blockchain world, and eventually created CRAZYBUNNY, where you can happily participate in online gaming, and we decided to share all the profits of the platform by distributing them to all users in real time through DAPP, that is, you can make money every day in CRAZY BUNNY, and all you have to do is keep playing!
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