Crazy Bunny
DAO, let you make decision
CRAZY BUNNY does not belong to anyone, even the founding team has no privilege: CRAZY BUNNY will put all tokens of full circulation to the market, and the accumulated 5 % Tokens owned by the team will be locked within time limit and released in batches
After each release, the team will also open up their development plans and the DAO organization will decide how these tokens will be used, so it can be said that the team has no real token of its own, if the team wants $CBUNNY, the only way is to buy from the market.
And DAO is the only one who really has a say in the whole market. On July 1, Wyoming, which is friendly to encrypted assets, officially recognized DAO's legal status. DAO will assign all marketing and development solutions to all those responsible for CRAZY BUNNY. The value of $ CRAZY BUNNY is solely determined by you!
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